When the month of May hits, it usually means a heavy housing market season for many states and areas. Los Angeles being among those hot markets, it means that many home-buyers, renters, and sellers are looking for their time in the spotlight and ensuring they make their mark on the housing market. 

According to Tami Pardee from Pardee Properties, she claims that it’s due to how many are planning for their summer trips and that they want a great outdoor space for those outdoor activities. It’s just part of their lifestyle and would want that as their home extension. 

Nowadays, home sellers are now competing for more construction for multi-unit homes. The reason being is due to how they can be a rather easy buy for many home buyers in the market as they’ve been trending in the recent years compared to the single-family homes in the area of Los Angeles. This has been dating back to 2010 as these units are becoming far more attractive in the market.

Richard Schulman from Keller Williams Realty agrees with this trend as the buyers can be put in a more reasonable space with far less money to be spent compared to single-family homes.

As for the home sellers, it is best that they start acting up on the trend, for once the later half of each year hits, there become hesitations among the buyers due to the factors that can occur at that given time. It is recommended to hit strong now as there are low-interest rates and a strong market overall. 

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