Located around the northern regions of downtown Long Beach, Wrigley is the type of neighborhood that had its moments over the last few years. However, more so than in the recent years of its time have the community faces such tremendous dogs downfalls. It was hit hard when ur came to the mortgage crisis and has had a hard time recovering since then. 

Nowadays many investors are looking into Wrigley when it comes to the competition. The average price for a home in the neighborhood is around 525,000$. 

Cypress Park

Cypress Park contains more reasonable prices and options than most of the LA area, especially in areas such as Highland Park, Atwater Village, and El Sereno. 

Many young professionals and first-time buyers look for  Cypress Park’s vast homes that are located within a foot of Mt. Washington. It was once a place where it was too far from the city, it has since been the main hive of activity ever since more people began to move into their homes. 

Their homes are around the average range price of 550,000$, particularly for single-family homes.

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