Although there have been many mechanisms that provided early capital in the state of Tennessee, the access to those that are equipped in handling these sorts of things becomes very limited. Thus, many programs began to rise in hopes of combating the issue. 

The same is happening in both the state of Florida and Missouri. In Florida, Governor Rick Scott began to use those same programs to create more cutting-edge solutions to the workforce in the state of Florida thanks to the Job Growth Grant Fund he was given. With this amount of help, there can be a need for more economic developments in Florida.

With Missouri, the Missouri Technology Corporation began to provide more funding as a means to promote and expand the skill-based programs into other parts of their state, such as Kansas City. Making sure it begins to expand in those regions can lead for more help from others such as the Kauffman Foundations, to have more skill-based workers into the workforce,   then creates much vibrant and growing entrepreneurship in the region. 

In the end, the vast majority of the American people strive to obtain success in the country without much of a skill-based asset to utilize. This is critical in the economy and without these skills to use in the workforce, there will still be much of the same gap in terms of unemployment and underemployment. Thus, there should be more emphasis and strive to achieve more innovation and change. 

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