The cities in their respective states must also keep in mind the employer when creating these skill-based job occupations. For example, LaunchCode, a nonprofit company that addresses the need for more technological skills in the workforce, uses a curriculum that focuses on the needs of the types of markets that needs to be worked on. They also use many free part-time courses to help them obtain the skills that are needed in that workforce. 

There has also been some effort in the government side of things where the leaders in the government tried to create more alternative routes. They decided to create more job-focused programs that are outside the traditional four-year plan that many end up doing to obtain the required skills. 

In many states across the U.S, there have been means to find ways to create more of these talented jobs. For example, in Tennessee, the state leaders are looking for more of a combined force in which talent is needed to produce more in the workforce. This to many entrepreneurs is a barrier to establish growth in the market. 

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