It appears that the United States can’t seem to keep up with its advancing technological investments. As more technology is being created and updated, evolving at rapid rates, there also seems to be fewer occupations in the digital workforce. Not only that, the economy in the U.S has been steadily increasing over time and has made way for more knowledge-based occupations adn talents that go along with the digital era of today. 

In order words: an update on the workforce of America needs to be made in order to catch up with the digital market. The question however also arises when faced with this is how to get ahead.

As to whose needs to be the responsibility to this matters, there is much debate that is should be every one that needs to adapt to the technological advancements. Companies need to make it their priority and introduce training if need be, schools need to provide more emphasis on the STEM education programs, and universities are to be equipped with job-ready applicants when the time presents itself. Sometimes the responsibility should also be given to the government leaders as the last resort.

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