Brad Zangwill Photography

They make sure to handle not only weddings but the still life of the house in general. They are rated just as well as Beverly Hills Aerial and can make the living space as grandiose and exciting as anything else in the market.

ProProperty not only provides photos, but they also provide virtual tours of the house. The reason being is so that there can be a more “real” sense of how the house appears on both the outside and inside before they plan to visit it in person. 

Hiring a Real Estate Agent

The final step to selling a house is too obviously have a real estate agent guide you through finalization and to make the selling of the house as easy and fast as possible. They will be in charge of ensuring legal protection of the house, negotiating deals, and to make sure the house buying process is as secure and smooth.

The real estate agent should also be the best at what they do and in the area, they are familiar with. For many, having an experienced real estate agent as opposed to a regular one is that they understand the market values and how to approach them in the best way. They also make sure to sell the house as fast as possible without any restraints. They can also make negotiating deals seem like a breeze and give you the best deal, especially in hot market areas like Los Angeles. 

With that in mind, the best way to sell a house is to have the most experienced people out there, and it wouldn’t hurt investing a  few more dollars into the top agent to ensure you that spot on the market and to sell that house in general.

Rana Khanjani, MBA
San Fernando Valley Iranian-American Real Estate Agent

Providing Services in English and Farsi

Phone: 818.723.9071
Address: 22020 Clarendon St. 200, Woodland Hills, CA 91367