Turnkey Homes 

There can be times where the majority of the first-time buyers are those that were given borrowed money from their family members or those that saved up their money for a large period of time. Whichever the case may be, this indicates for many sellers that they’re not entirely interested in spending money on repairs or renovations on the house. 

Meaning you’ll be the one who needs to do that hard work. 

The reason for this partially due to how buyers are willing to buy houses that present more of a “character” to them once they enter the home. With this idea in mind, it would make sense for them to lean towards a turnkey home than a fixer-upper because of that reason alone and due to how turnkey homes don’t need additional money thrown into them.

For the LA homeowner, there are at least three things to consider when doing the cosmetics of the house: 

Apply fresher paint to the walls or refurbish them

Redo the floor plan if necessary

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Update the utilities in the house