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Rana Khanjani

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What My Clients Say

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When i want to start looking for an appartment i was totally confused. One of my freind introduced Rana to me.

She is the best agent ever. Less than 30 day since escrow was opened i got my appartment keys. Everything was clear, fast and easy.

Rate: ★★★★★

Ehsan Nikoo

Encino, CA Hills, More

We were very fortunate to work with Rana to purchase our first house. She was super knowledgeable at her job, very patient with our requests, and very approachable whenever we needed her help. Furthermore, she is a very reliable and ethical individual.

Thanks to her, our escrow process went on super smooth without any major issues. Overall, we are very satisfied with our purchase and we definitely gonna work with her for our future purchases.

Rate: ★★★★★

Atous Ajafarian

Canoga Park, CA, More

Ms. Khanjani is an outstanding real estate agent. She went above and beyond our expectations in every step along the way of buying a house for me. 

From searching for my dream house (as a first time buyer), to handling handling escrow related matters and finally closing the best deal possible, she did an excellent job for us. We deeply appreciate her tireless work and outstanding communication so that I would highly recommend her to my family, friends and anybody else who get a chance to read this review! 

Rate: ★★★★★


7107 Kilty Ave West Hills , More

Rana got us the house of our dreams for an amazing deal in Chatsworth, CA. In this market, it’s insane what she was able to do. It was all dreams until we entered escrow. We had a REALLY complicated escrow with a lot of issues. The seller turned into a monster. Rana kept everything moving forward and was very reassuring.

She navigated and negotiated us through a very complicated series of problems. She worked with our lender (who, suprise suprise) was also a nightmare. The house wouldn’t have happened if it were anyone other realtor. She responded timely to all of my questions (which is impressive, because I asked 1,000 a day). I would highly recommend her. I recommend her to my family. She’s legit.

Rate: ★★★★★


Chatsworth, CA, More


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