Clear the clutter from the gutters

Putting some time and muscle into getting the gutters working and looking good as new is a practical and affordable way to boost the appearance of your home’s exterior.  Not only does this keep your gutters working better, it shows just that much more care and attention to keeping your home fresh and presentable.

Add a natural accent to the front door

Most of us associate wreaths with the festive green and red variety on display throughout the holiday season.  In actuality, wreaths of all sorts and styles are available and en vogue at any season throughout the year.  You can find wreaths of real dehydrated flowers, boughs and stems.  Synthetic options can offer easier care and last longer. Whether it’s bright, colorful florals for spring and summer, or pine cones and autumn leaves for fall, for the best effect choose a wreath of the colors and size that goes well with the rest of your home.

Make a statement with the numbers

Nowaday, you have lots of options for displaying your home’s numerals.  Look at different combinations of typeface, size, color and accents for ones that aren’t just visible, but also boost the overall look your home.  It’s an easy and inexpensive way to bring a modern and pleasantly creative touch to your residence.  

Disguise the utility meters

If the electrical box is affixed very visibly at the front of your home, it can really drag down the otherwise polished look of the rest of the property.  Consider hiding it with a strategically-placed hedge or flowering bush, or disguising it with paint that matches the surrounding color of the house. Whatever you choose, make sure the utility box is still accessible and fits within any regulations. 

Make it look good-as-new with a good power wash

A good power washing isn’t just to prep your home for a new coat of paint–it’s a great way to do a thorough, deep-cleaning of every inch of your home’s siding, shutters, stonework, patio, walkways and steps.  Like most things nowadays, you don’t even need to buy new power washer equipment–see if you can borrow one from your neighbors or rent from the local hardware store.

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