Make a bold choice with front door paint

It’s all about contrast.  Painting your front door can be an easy weekend project at any skill level, and usually costs less than $100.  Select a hue that’s different from the main color of the house, but make sure the colors interplay well with one another, rather than clashing and creating an eyesore.  Hold up different color swatches in daylight to see what works with the rest of the home, and what doesn’t. Sometimes retailers will allow you to purchase miniature paint samples to help you finalize your color choice. 

Brighten up the pathways and entrance

How welcoming does your home appear after sunset?  A dark or dim-light walkway is both difficult to navigate and uninviting.  It’s fairly easy to find stylish ground lanterns that run on solar energy. Also try placing year-round lighting on or suspended above the patio area.  And of course, make sure any light fixtures around your front door are clean and free of grime and dirt. You may wish to consider replacing them with more updated, modern fixtures. 

Use symmetry to tie it all together

Points of symmetry create cohesion and balance that’s easy on the eyes.  Focus most of your efforts on the entryways. You can achieve a more balanced look around the front door with matching lanterns, floral fixtures and decoration placed at both sides and on the front steps.  Do the same for the garage, particularly if it faces the front of the home or you have too little space to create balance around the front door.

Update the mailbox

Has the mailbox seen better days? Maybe it just doesn’t go with the fresh, updated look of the rest of your property.  Either way, invest in a new one. Your options range from the simple, practical and inexpensive, to the more pricey, elegant, or unique choices.  If the mailbox is affixed to the home outside the front door, make sure it goes with the rest of the home.

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