Commercial Property Managers

Julien Bonneville, CEO of The Guarantors, claims that as the more co-working that happens in the market, it leads to a more disruptive atmosphere for the real estate world. To combat against this, the landlords created a more open and flexible means of these options to compete for against each other in the housing market. Some of these include Sage Realty’s Swivel and Boston Properties Flex as a core example. 

For the more traditional landlords that don’t open much to the concept have a bit more trouble per-say in the marketplace. The demands are increased for more services and nice office spaces, as well as more security measures to ensure the safety of the tenants and so they have an easier life, which became their overall solution to these high demands in the market. 


Spitz says that technology as a whole has sort of created a disruption in the market as well. As many in the Silicon Valley areas continue to develop technology, it can pose a threat to the real estate industry to the point where it can disrupt the means of purchasing a home in the housing marketplace. In a sense, it changes the mindset of the buyers, seller, and the investors when it comes to interactions amongst each other and with the interested properties they’re looking to buy, sell, and invest in. 

In Summary

Despite a slow start in the year’s housing market, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Kapfidze emphasizes that the prospects of both medium and long term for the housing are good due to the statistics leaning to a more demanding market. With slower price appreciation, it gives incomes the chance to keep up with the market and a means to create more inventory than ever before. In a way, the 2019 housing market can be a healthier one for the market.